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ROKA Partners with Mark Allen Coaching

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership renewal with MarkAllenCoaching. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “We see this partnership as a tremendous opportunity. Mark himself is a six-time Hawaii IRONMAN World Champion and the ten-time undefeated champion of the Nice International Triathlon, yet he never had a coach. ROKA’s mission is not just to inspire athletes but to enlighten them on the breakthroughs that are redefining performance, and that’s a perfect match for what this organization is achieving. The partnership will help educate athletes, and it will give them the opportunity to take advantage of the technologies we have worked so hard to advance.”

Mark Allen, the Founder of MarkAllenCoaching added, “My success as an athlete hinged on using the best training methods and technologies available, but also in seeking out new innovations that enabled me to stay at the forefront of performance. ROKA does just that. They are a leader and an innovator in products for anyone wanting to go faster in the open water. Just take a look at their latest product addition, the R1 goggle! It took ROKA to solve one of the biggest challenges everyone has swimming without a lane line: sighting. That’s just one example of why I partnered with ROKA. They help enhance performance and enhance the experience of every athlete I coach.”

About MarkAllenCoaching

Mark Allen is arguably the most successful triathlete in the history of the sport. He was the first ITU Olympic Distance World Champion winning the inaugural race in 1989 in Avignon, France. Allen is a six-time Hawaii Ironman World Champion and was the ten-time undefeated champion of the Nice International Triathlon. In 2012, he was voted “The Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time” in a worldwide poll conducted by ESPN.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his 15-year career is that Mark never had a coach. He figured out how to be the best in the world on his own. Through trial and error, he scoured sports research and periodicals looking for the most effective training methods, nutritional insight and injury prevention techniques. He then put the best information available to the ultimate test by training over 15,000 miles each year of his career.

Mark has helped aspiring triathletes complete for their first-ever triathlon as well as working with professionals to lead them to World Champion status. Let Mark get you ready for the racing experience of a lifetime with MarkAllenCoaching!

April 01, 2016

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