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Kendra Chambers USA Track & Field athlete puts our prescription glasses to the test at Yellow Jacket Stadium in Austin

The Mission is Simple:

Unlock Your

ROKA is built on an idea. A make-it-better-than-before kind of an idea. We started this brand to redefine the standard of performance design. To marry the power of premium materials and radical engineering with the function of purpose-specific use. So you can have access to tools that will elevate performance for anyone, anywhere—whether that’s for a once-in-a-lifetime race or your daily jog around your neighborhood. Because that’s what we want for ourselves as well.

Born in Austin, TX

We started here. Humbly. In a garage at first. But as we’ve grown, we’ve always known that Austin is and will be our home.

We’ve brought a large portion of our manufacturing to our Austin, Texas headquarters—cutting lenses and assembling frames for prescription glasses and sunglasses to support our community and control our ‘direct-to-you’ business model.

We feel that being close to what we’re making allows us to better design, develop, and bring new products to you and the market as we see needs arise.

And by owning our process more and more, we can remain unconstrained by long lead times and pass along our streamlined savings to give you the highest quality lenses and materials available.

Flora Duffy 9x World Champion, crosses the finish line at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to become the first Bermudian to win an Olympic Gold medal.


Gear of the Year - Hunter Prescription Glasses

Roka Is The Prescription Eyewear Brand For Active Lifestyles

ROKA’s Maverick X2 dives into the deep end of futuristic design.

IRONMAN x ROKA The partnership began in 2014, expanded globally in 2018, and will now extend to 2024, with a focus on integrating our award-winning eyewear to the global IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3® audience.

Dr. Huberman is a neuroscientist and tenured professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine, and ROKA’s scientific advisor. Check out his podcast Huberman Lab to learn more about how vision and biology can be used to boost performance.

Lucy Charles-Barclay Ironman® 70.3 World Champion Lucy Charles-Barclay has her sights firmly set on becoming the fastest triathlete ever, and we are excited to help her however we can by partnering with her and continuing to support her time in the water with the fastest wetsuits in the world.

Justin WillIams 11x U.S. National Champion Justin Williams is the founder of Team L39ION of L.A. and an inspiring mix of vision and speed. He aims to revolutionize the sport of cycling in America and create more opportunities for future generations. And we aim to support him however we can.

Tim Kennedy Tim Kennedy is a decorated Green Beret and retired UFC fighter. He brings more than 15 years of advanced Special Forces training into everything he does. We’re honored to have Tim helping test our eyewear and bringing a different perspective to our product design.

Our Design Philosophy:

Partnership Creates Progress.

We believe that by testing our gear with the best athletes in the world, in the harshest conditions, under the most extreme circumstances we discover new ground, resulting in a product that performs for anyone, anywhere—no matter how big or small the challenge.

Over the years, we've been fortunate to work with the best athletes and partners in the world and have gleaned amazing insights from their thousands of hours of testing, training, and competing in our products. Along the way, we've had the opportunity to be a small part of three Olympic gold medals, multiple Tour de France stage wins, over 30 world titles, and hundreds of podium finishes across a variety of sports, from the IRONMAN in triathlon to the grueling Dakar Rally off-road race.

We are not just creating better products but using a philosophy and way of thinking to enhance performance through innovation. With over 15 patents and our industry-leading and award-winning design and development the possibilities are endless.

Zwift’s ZA Tri Team goes for a training run together as part of their journey to the Ironman World Championship—all wearing a custom-designed Zwift Collab GP-1x.

Interchangeable Nose Pads Designed to help you find the exact right fit for your eyewear, all of our frames come with three sizes of nose pads to help you customize the feel and framing of our glasses and sunglasses—maximizing comfort and performance.

GEKO™ Fit System Inspired by the soft but amazingly sticky feet of the Gecko, our patented GEKO™ fit and retention system features a proprietary elastomer for nose and temple pads that's hydrophilic, chemical resistant, and supports multi-directional traction with comfort.

ARMS-UP™ Technology By patterning the wetsuit with the arms above the head rather than at the side, mobility is increased through every phase of your stroke. Our patented design eliminates shoulder restriction to help you swim faster with less fatigue. The difference is striking.

Centerline Buoyancy Profile The technology that first catapulted ROKA wetsuits ahead of the field: more buoyancy down the centerline of your body; less buoyancy on the perimeter. This innovation allows you to have a snappier side-to-side rotation and eliminates dead spots in the freestyle.

Our patents and innovations:

Purpose-built breakthroughs

All of our breakthroughs focus on one thing—better performance through design. From the nose pads on our eyewear to radically re-engineering how wetsuits are put together, we use product design to solve real problems we find while we’re out being active. Check out our full list of patents here.

Justin Williams founder of Team L39ION of L.A., embraces a teammate after a race. Justin wears a custom CP-1x.

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